After reading our guidelines, submit at: clapboardhouse@msn.com

We accept both short story and poetry submissions. Short story submissions should be no more than 3,500 words, and poetry submissions no more than 3 poems. If, for a particular reason, we require more examples of your work, we will contact you. Moreover, if you are submitting both fiction and poetry, please SEPARATE the submissions into two separate emails and attach your bio to each. 

Submissions of more than three poems or one short story, or stories exceeding the 3,500 word limit, have a SEVERE chance of not being read.  

Please send submissions as either Microsoft Word documents or Rich Text files to: clapboardhouse@msn.com
ANY other file types, such as Google Doc or Rich Text, will not be accepted. 

Please include a third-person biography as a separate Microsoft Word document or Rich TextDO NOT write your bio in the body of the email. Third-person biographies MUST be attached separately. 

In the subject field of your email, identify your submission as either FICTION or POETRY. If your fiction piece is one of flash-fiction, please add that to the subject field as well.

We accept simultaneous submissions, but please inform us if a submission is simultaneous so that we make that particular submission a priority. Moreover, please inform us if your work has been accepted elsewhere.

In most cases we strive to respond to submissions two-weeks after reception. However, sometimes unforeseen circumstances prevent us from doing so. Please be patient with us. We are working hard over here, too!

We DO NOT edit except in very special and minor cases. Please proof your pieces to the best of your ability before submitting. As a rule of thumb, others take you as seriously as you take yourself. So, take yourself seriously and send us the best possible version of your piece, as free and clean of typos, formatting errors, and other various lapses in our fine craft as you can. Pieces with moderate to severe errors have a SEVERE chance of not being read. 

We are open to most subjects, but we do not read:

  • Political or religious manifestos
  • Work that advocates or perpetuates racial bigotry, homophobia, misogyny, or ignorance.
  • Experimental writing
  • Novel excerpts.
  • "Shock" fiction
  • Genre fiction
  • Creative Nonfiction 
  • Shape poems for the sake of shape - please have reasons for your shapes. 

Submit at: clapboardhouse@msn.com