What exactly are we looking for here at Clapboard House? What do we think makes great, engaging fiction that, as we say, "Blows our heads off?" Come find out in part three of our Fiction Editor's blog!


Award winning author, L. Annette Binder

Award winning author, L. Annette Binder

Hello Readers and Writers,

Clapboard House Issue No. 13 is now, and finally, live! Come check out all the great authors and poets that contributed to this long gestating issue: they deserve your attention!

And don't forget to read our interview with Pushcart Prize winning author and Clapboard House alum, L. ANNETTE BINDER. She's the first of our new series of Writer Spotlights, and she answers all of our tough questions!

We here at Clapboard House want to thank all the great writers and poets that contributed to this issue; without you, none of this would be possible. We are indebted to you. Thank you all so much.



Letter from the Editor:


Hello fellow Writers and Readers,

As many of you may already know, Clapboard House has changed quite a bit over the last year: a fluctuation of the guard at two editorial positions; a print anthology collating the best that Clapboard House has offered over the past seven years; a new website and terms regarding future issues and submissions, and so on. Those latter two points are the focus of this letter.

First, after much deliberation, we here at Clapboard House have decided to forego submission payments and retain our free, open forum for storytelling. As all of us here at Clapboard House are also writers, we understand the strain submission payments add to an already stressful endeavor. That is not something to which we wish to contribute. So, from here on and into the foreseeable future, Clapboard House will remain free to all of you - if you'd care to donate to keep us up and running and help with our print issues, we'd appreciate it, but it's not necessary that you do so. 

Second, as you may have already noticed, we've moved to a new website yet again. Some of you may be asking, "Hey, didn't you guys just move a few months ago?" Yes, but, to make a very long and frustrating story short, our previous website was not quite conducive to what we are trying to accomplish here at Clapboard House. This new domain here at SquareSpace allows us to more fully engage you the writer, you the reader, and add content that you care about, add content you can easily find and read. We are also looking into new and fun ways to interact with you on your visits here; we want to make this a place you visit again and again. Your enjoyment, patience, and time are of utmost importance to us. We hope this new space, a place we are most definitely staying for quite a while, meets those requisites. We hope you find it satisfactory. 

Stay tuned in the coming weeks as we are publishing our 13th issue - Fall/Winter 2013 - here on this website on December 18, 2013. Moreover, we will be updating the website with more information regarding our next issue, a new addition to the editorial staff, and, most importantly, a new artistic medium we will be introducing to Clapboard House in the new year. 

There are great things on the horizon. We hope you'll be there to see them with us. 


Jonathan Moore



P.S. Browse the site a little bit; there are a lot of new and cool things all around.